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May 17, 2008

PPL Trustees Meeting–May 15

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Here is an informal report from the May 15 PPL Trustees meeting.

The trustees were given copies of LPAC’s May 5 Proposed “Roadmap” to a Sustainable Library System (see the document on our blog).

Two significant things happened at the Trustees’ meeting (other than the fact that they had a quorum, which was not the case at their previous meeting):

1. They tabled until next month the vote to approve the Service Goals Implementation Committee report.  Kas DeCarvalho and Mark McKenney both objected to it, Kas mostly because he hadn’t seen it before, and Mark because the plans for the future totally ignored the branches. Joel Stark suggested that Bill Simmons, chair of the meeting, should take note of that, since Kas DeCarvalho (as the Mayor’s representative on the Board) and Mark McKenney (as the Governor’s representative)  represented two major sources of funding for the library.  Bill Simmons still wanted to vote on the original motion to approve but PPL lawyer Dan Prentiss advised him that a motion to table takes precedence over a motion to approve.

2. Kas DeCarvalho apologized for his part in Linda Kushner’s Op Ed claim that the LPAC meetings weren’t being properly reported on to the Trustees and deferred the LPAC report to Mark McKenney, since DeCarvalho hadn’t attended the last LPAC meeting.  Mark McKenney did an excellent job, I think, in explaining the co-location discussion, including why the city and library should be included in funding the study.


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