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June 29, 2009

Library Update

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Dear Library Supporters,
July 1 is nearly upon us.  As usual, we have a number of achievements to report–and one possibly major problem.

Our Executive Director search is running smoothly.  The first candidate, Donna Riegel, visited Providence at the end of the week, met with the Search Committee, the PCL Executive Committee, representatives from the PCL staff, the Mayor and his aides, etc., etc., and gave a presentation at Wanskuck Library on Thursday night.  The second candidate, Ophelia Gregiev Roop, director of the San Bernadino Library, will be given a public presentation at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday at Mount Pleasant Library.  There has been a change in the schedule for the third candidate.  Well, the schedule actually remains the same but the candidate has changed.

The person we had orignially planned to interview on Thursday has withdrawn her application, but fortunately, the Search Committee had another highly qualified candidate they wanted to interview in her place, so Ann Robinson, former library administrator from the Worcester/Framingham area, is now scheduled to speak at Rochambeau Library on July 2 at 7:00 p.m.

We have nearly finalized our official LIBRARY website, which will go live very shortly.  In the meantime, we hope you will visit the original PCL website one last time.  It has just been updated by Anisha Raoof, publisher of  Anisha has been managing our website for several months now, and she has done a wonderful job.

Since the PCL library staff is so close to the end of their jobs with PPL, we felt there could be no problem with naming the people who have been working so hard on our Transition Teams, so we have now publically acknowledged them online.  See We are very grateful to them for volunteering many hours of work to insure that PCL would be a success.

The July 1 Celebration schedule is posted both on our blog and our website Please visit these pages for the details. The Celebration Committee, with the assistance of all the Friends groups, has prepared a wonderful line-up of events, and we invite you all to participate.


With some very dedicated volunteer help, the Wanskuck Library storage room has been prepared for PCL office space,   Our staff should be able to move right into the room on Wednesday.  Likewise, the administrative space in South Providence is nearly ready.  Unfortunately, PPL has not yet agreed to permit our Tech Services staff to stay at Central for the one month until our lease begins on Olneyville House office space, so the people in that department may be starting work with PCL on August 1 unless PPL changes its mind.

We were unable to persuade PPL to part with its delivery truck, but we have been scouting around the used car dealers throughout the Providence area looking for a box truck and a pick-up truck that we can afford–and I think we are making progress.

Even though we have been working non-stop to ensure a smooth transfer from PPL to PCL on Wednesday, there is still a major threat confronting us. The City and PPL are negotiating a six-month renewable lease of the branch library buildings from PPL to the City, with the probability that the buildings would ultimately be conveyed outright to the City.  In either case, PCL would lease the buildings from the City.  After reviewing the lease this weekend, our lawyer is not certain that PCL is adequately protected by the terms of the lease and fears that we will be hampered in our ability to provide full library services to the public unless the wording of the lease is changed.  The City has a strong will to resolve this matter in a way that will be satisfactory to PCL and we can only hope that the matter is resolved by June 30, as we are very anxious to open on July 1 and avoid any interruption in neighborhood library service.  We will let you know as soon as we have more information on this.


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