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May 10, 2009


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DATE: May 4, 2009



The Providence Community Library has received a letter from Mayor David Cicilline confirming the City’s intention to transfer library funding to PCL to operate the branch libraries for the City starting on July 1, 2009. The Mayor wrote, “Your group has developed a capacity to operate the nine branch community library system, which … will meet the city’s needs.” The letter invites the PCL officers to meet with members of his administration to work on language for an agreement that will begin transitioning the operation of the branch system to PCL on July 1.

City Council approval is expected as council members, who are anxious to avert the closure of any of the nine neighborhood branches, publically expressed support for Providence Community Library as early as last January, when PCL pledged to keep all of the branches open.

“We are very pleased to be able to help the City keep the nine branches open,” said Marcus Mitchell, PCL president. “Of course, with less than two months until the transfer, there are an enormous number of things that must be done and we are working hard to be ready for the deadline.”

PCL plans to immediately begin a search for a Library Director to implement and manage the new system. The new library will employ about seventy people, most of whom are present PPL employees whose work relates to the branches.

PCL officers will be meeting with city officials to work out details of a three-year management agreement. They will also be meeting with PPL officers and administrators to plan for a transfer of branch operations from PPL to PCL in a manner that will cause the least amount of disruption for library patrons and employees.


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